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Intelligent Buildings


Advanced technology brings more user-oriented elements to buildings.  We help to devise and embed intelligence into buildings and premises to make them more responsive and adaptable to the occupants' needs.  Besides, the building management and resources become more efficient with minimum life costs via intelligent building management system.


With programmable and controllable lighting, temperature, security, communication facilities are installed in buildings and premises during construction and refurbishment.  The users can customize how the intelligent facilities behaves to achieve the optimal comfort in the living environment.


The specialist team will plan, monitor and carry out the installations of intelligent devices into the building and premises.  Some typical intelligent devices and systems are​:



   | Programmable lighting sensor and controller |


   | Programmable cooling/heating sensor and controller |


   | Optimal energy start/stop controller |


   | Integrated video-telecom facility for occupants, visitors and building management office |


   | Web-enabled premise surveillance system |


   | Smart card access control System |


   | Intrusion Detection and Alarms |


   | Smoke and gas detection |


   | Electronic Windows Curtains |


   | Emergency control of elevators, doors and HVAC systems |


   | Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems |

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