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Project Management

Building projects require extensive professional experiences and knowledge to integrate a wide variety of complex elements to the best results. At all-time our experienced professionals strive to accomplish all targets in the best interests of the clients.


We have a proven methodology and framework to carry out the project management and create greatest value to the clients at various stages:


   | Concept Initiation |


   | Tendering |


   | Procurement of Services and Contracts |


   | Commencement of Works |


   | Site & Progress Monitoring |


   | Completion of Works |


   | Project Closure and Site Handover |


   | On-going Maintenance |



The activities of project management services encompass:


   | Representing the interest of the client providing independent professional advices |


   | Identifying the client's requirements |


   | Coordinating and monitoring different servicing parties involved |


   | Liaising with regulatory bodies |


   | Ensuring that quality standards are adhered to |


   | Preparing drawings and specifications if required |


   | Keeping systemic track of progress and ensuring that the project is on time and on budget |


   | Vetting on records of expenditures, costing and certification |


   | Making sure any other objectives specified by the client are met |

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